Community Social, Spring 2013

  Saturday, April 6
Time:  Noon – 4:00 pm
Location:  Pavillion #3, McAllister Park


This event is intended as a social get-together in a daytime, weekend, kid-friendly environment to enjoy as a community. As well as having fun, we’d like to share ideas on how local Pagans can get involved in community service efforts, both Pagan-led and with established non-Pagan organizations.  No RSVP needed; come on by anytime during the noon-4 pm timeframe.

The heart of an active, productive community is personal, face-to-face interaction.  In that spirit, we’ll have a few ways to facilitate conversation and connection:

  • Spring Altar:  To help generate discussion of spiritual/religious practices and beliefs.  Seshen and Boniface will be setting this up.
  • Shared feast: This social is a potluck picnic; please bring your own food, and/or a little extra to share!  We will have a card table set up for shared food items.  No glass containers or alcohol, please, per park rules.  If you bring perishables that have mayo, etc, you are responsible for monitoring to avoid food poisoning.
  • Swap table for pagan-oriented items:  Books, magickal/ritual items… they must be in good condition where someone could use it right away.  This is NOT a white elephant table!  The idea is to encourage giving to one’s spiritual community freely, sharing our knowledge, etc and passing along spiritual items that can benefit others.  Nothing glass (park rules) and please no knives that could be construed as weapons.  We want to maintain a good rapport with the park.
  • “Ask Me About…” name tags for practitioners of various belief systems:  This social is also an opportunity to find out more about the various groups, organizations and belief systems here in Pagan San Antonio.  We are encouraging individuals to wear a name tag (SAPO will provide these) that states your group/org, religious tradition etc so people can approach you and ask questions of practitioners.
  • Literature (brochures, flyers, business cards) from local groups/orgs/Trads: If you would like to share information with the local Pagan community, please feel free to provide SAPO with flyers, brochures etc that we will be happy to make available during the picnic.

Non-Pagan friends and family members are welcome to attend; in fact, we encourage it!  Please bring them along to learn more about who we are.

Kids welcome; no childcare provided.  There is a really nice soft-floored climbing playground attached to the pavilion.  Parents are encouraged to bring outside games to share with others, so our children can play together.  Teens and tweens welcome; I know my teen would love to meet more!

A few details about the location:

  • This is a non-commercial, no-vendor event.
  • We respectfully request NO PETS unless it is a legal licensed service animal.
  • There are 3 metal park tables and 3 benches.  It would be a good idea to bring your own chairs or blankets to sit on since seating is very limited.
  • Alcohol and glass containers prohibited by city park rules.

Discussion forum for this and future projects is the SAPO Facebook group.  You are also welcome to email us privately with any questions.  There are pictures of the pavilion area on the Facebook forum.

We don’t have any official entertainment planned, but if you feel the urge to provide a learning experience or head a fun activity, by all means contact SAPO and let us know!

Event Organizers:
Janea Danae,
Seshen Wolfsong,

Graphic courtesy of Magickal Graphics

7 Responses to Community Social, Spring 2013

  1. Janea says:

    Pavilion 3 at McAllister Park has been reserved for March 31.

  2. Carol Pettus says:

    I would love to go since I don’t get out much 🙂

  3. Gary Wilburn says:

    Doh! >.< i just checked my email. i would have loved to have gone to this lol

  4. jbobsinclair says:

    Man! I would have LOVED to attend! I know I RSVP’d over a month ago, but between being a full time student and tearing my house apart (literally, I’m remodeling), I find precious little time to go. I know its only a few hours long, however, I have a rather large summer project goal to complete regarding all my remodeling, and precious little weekend time to prepare in time. So here we are; its just not in the cards for me at the moment. I would love to see some pictures and hear some stories about how it went, how many attended…that sort of stuff. Activities like this really begin to change the public perception of what it means to be a pagan (self-practicing witch myself) in a really positive way. I wish I could have been there. I do apologize, Seshen! I know you go through a lot of effort to put these things together, and I know the work that gets put into it! I will definitely keep posted on more upcoming Meet-ups. Until next time, adiou!

    “And it harm none, do what thou wilt”

  5. Thomas Siegrist says:

    I really enjoyed the last event, and am looking forward to this one.. see you there.

  6. alezan rose says:

    Thank you

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