Contact Us

The official discussion forum for SAPO is our Facebook group.  Here’s the link:

SAPO on Facebook

Or, you can contact either of the SAPO Organizers:

Janea Danae

Seshen Wolfsong


1 Response to Contact Us

  1. Will Ferrick says:

    My name is Will Ferrick and I am 60 years young and very happly married. I have never been comfortable in religions that are exclusive to all that have beliefs that are different from their own.What I have been able to find out about Wicca is very interesting and I would like to learn more. I am the first to admit that I really no anything about Paganism and would like to find out more. I also worry that I will be the older than most of the people. Any info that you could send to me or when there is an event that I could attend. We come to San Antonio neary every week so it is not a problem to visit SA.

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